Russian Multimedia Theatre of Ballet

Large-scale classical productions


Russian multimedia ballet theatre was founded in October 2012 and financed with private equity to create ballet extravaganzas with application of all existing technological developments in the sphere of high-fly show and theatre performances.

The main goal is to preserve our country’s priceless cultural heritage, Russian ballet school, which is honoured worldwide.

Today, in times of shifting morals and domination of pop culture, support and promotion of true art is a must for everybody.

Certainly, this is a real challenge. We are concerned of the future of our country and its cultural growth, and ballet as an elite art should be available to mass market.

In order to draw attention to the classics, there was found a solution to use cutting edge multimedia content in production of theatre performances and creation of new original shows on the base of classical traditions with incorporation of innovative stage design technologies.

The Crew consists of artists with huge working experience in leading theatres of Moscow and Russia. The crew is guided by a range of qualified ballet masters alongside foreign experts.

The Theatre tours around Russia and abroad. Every time we have a full house for the shows, which are highlighted in the news media and on TV.


Russian Multimedia Ballet Theatre is a fusion of classical ballet choreography and amazing capabilities of modern multimedia technologies

Performances are staged with the use of exemplary classical choreography, partly modified for proper interaction with multimedia content, so that the action takes place both on stage and on projection screens which replace the static scenery.

Not only does multimedia content replace the typical scenery, but it also provides a full-fledged platform for the development of ballet dramaturgy.

Thus, characters may first appear on projection screens and then while transforming move onto stage, becoming alive, this action can be reversed respectively.


Instead of ordinary side-scenes there are projection screens located in the background and diagonally along the sides of stage instead of the wings. The projection is frontal, done downward and diagonally from three projectors hung on the front flying-bar or truss at the level of the first floodlight projector .

In making the media content computer animation, graphic and flash animation technologies are used. To transfer the ballet characters into the virtual reality the filming was done in a Chroma Key pavilion by using the professional video equipment with further computer processing and applying «morphing» and «computer-generated imagery» technologies.

This is the first time these technologies have been used in creation of stage design and dance score in a full-length classical ballet.

Russian Multimedia Ballet Theatre production is a pioneer full-fledged ballet performance where classical choreography and multimedia technologies perfectly complement each other.

Here comes an opportunity of real and virtual video-animated artists’ interaction on stage. To make animated doubles of real artists filming in a Chroma Key pavilion was done, which was further processed for making an existing multimedia content.


Given the productions made that impress with computer animation and professional performance of the ballet artists, the crew have nurtured new ideas on making the repertory including well-known classical ballets and new productions with application of advanced computer technologies along with a capability of combining the ballet art and dramaturgy.

Applied in ballet shows multimedia computer technologies have opened almost an unlimited field for artists’ work, allowing to refuse of traditional classical stage decorations and reach the atmosphere of as real environment as possible, as a result, plunging the audience into a theatre performance.

Constantly keeping track of event-technologies’ development and updating our technological resources, we are keen to make the classical repertory go in tune with time and in terms of visual appeal to be highly competitive with modern big-budget shows, thus attracting a broader spectrum of audience of different generations.

Owing to our shows and rave reviews of the audience, the theatre is gaining more and more popularity and attention from adult and young theatre-goers. That’s why our shows are worth attending with the entire family.

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